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BLLB August Updates

  1. August Meeting Cancelled:  The August regular meeting has been cancelled.  See updates below.
  • Fenner’s Ditch Phoslock Treatment:  The first treatment was completed the last week in July.  The second and final treatment for this year will take place the last week in August.  As a reminder, there are NO WATER USE RESTRICTIONS for Phoslock, as confirmed by PLM and EGLE.  These treatments will result in less algae growth, but not necessarily get rid of existing algae.  The real results will be seen in the spring of 2023.  Additional treatments for 2023 will be evaluated, with the permit application happening much earlier.
  • Starry Stonewort:  Several residents have provided pictures of Starry Stonewort near shorelines, causing issues for watercraft, especially PWCs.  Starry Stonewort is an invasive species, which can grow up to 7’ tall.  PLM has ben contacted and we are in the process of arranging another survey and treatment within the next 7-10 days (weather permitting).  If you have this on your lakefront, please email Darrel, Paul, or Craig with a photo, and we will be sure to have PLM take a close look to identify and treat.  Further updates to follow, and for more information on Starry Stonewort, please refer to our Education page on
  • Native Plants Increasing:  Native plant volume continue to increase as water temperature stays warm and we continue to reduce invasive species.  The native plants are good for the lake and help reduce algae volumes.  These native plants can become a nuisance, and are much harder to get approval to treat, unless they get extremely out of hand.  Raking plants out of areas needed to create a pathway for navigation or swimming is acceptable but try to keep as much native plants as possible.
  • September BLLB Meeting:  The next BLLB meeting is Thursday, September 8 at 6:00 PM at the North Muskegon City Hall.