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Free Phragmites Treatment

Your BLLB has partnered with the Muskegon Conservation District (MCD) to utilize grant funds for the treatment of highly invasive Phragmites in our area.  Reports of Phragmites in our area continue to rise.  Your BLLB has been treating Phragmites when found in the waters of Bear Lake, but we don’t have authority to treat above the waterline.

The Muskegon Conservation District is using grant funds to treat Phragmites on our shoreline and in shallow water they can reach from the shore.  This treatment is absolutely FREE, but it does require an Agreement Form with signature be returned to them prior to July 1, 2023 to give them permission to treat your property.

Please be on the lookout for the attached letter in the mail from the MCD, and fill out and return the agreement form.

Your BLLB have listened to comments from residents wanting partnerships with local organizations, as well as trying to find grant funds to save us money.  This partnership with the MCD is just the start!  If you ever want to find out more information on the BLLB, please check out our website at

Thank you,