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Keep Leaves Out of the Lake

Several of our neighbors on the lake have contacted the BLLB with concerns over leaves being blown into Bear Lake with all the fall cleanup going on.  Please note, disposing of leaves or grass clippings in our lake is bad for the water which we are all working so hard to improve.  It is also illegal and is the same as going out into state land and dumping your garbage.

The BLLB is not an enforcement agency, but we do want to educate people on good lake management practices.  Attached is a flyer from the DEQ (now EGLE) on this subject, as well as a document from our Lake Management provider (PLM) on things we all can do to protect and improve the quality of our lake.

Please do not blow your leaves into the lake.  We know it is a lot of extra work, especially for those of us who have a steep incline, but it will improve the quality of the lake to properly compost.  Also, be sure to make sure any lawn contractors you have are aware that they should not be blowing leaves into the lake.

Thank you, and every little bit will help improve our water quality!