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Lake Treatment Updates

On Thursday, July 14 (weather permitting) (**Note, date change from original July 11 date), PLM will be out on our lake to perform another survey and they plan on treating that same day.  They will be surveying the entire lakeshore and treating any invasive species they find.  We are aware of Eurasian Milfoil sprouting in areas that were not treated earlier this season, as well as algae in Fenner’s Ditch. 

At our June meeting, the Board approved a special treatment in Fenner’s Ditch to hopefully help the algae situation.  This requires three treatments, at a total expense of about $7,000.  The permit was submitted to EGLE on June 22, and it takes about 30 days to process.  This will be using a product called Phoslock, which binds to the phosphorus in the water and sinks it to the bottom (similar to alum).  For more details, this is the product website:  Also, here is the PLM proposal for this treatment (link). We hope PLM will be able to apply the 1st of 3 treatments in late July or early August.  Until then, it will be treated with algaecide each time PLM is out on the lake.  If this provides good results, we will look to continue this next season, but start the treatments earlier in the season.

As a reminder, we have a new Lake Treatment protocol in place that allows our Chair to approve treatments up to a certain budget without needing to wait for approval at our next board meeting, greatly speeding the process.  If you have anything concerning on your waterfront, feel free to email a photo and description of your issue to Darrell, Paul, or Craig.  Their contact information can be found on our website at