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Native Plant Treatment 7/20

As we all have been observing, the health of our lake has been improving between the cleanup of the celery flats (GVSU grant funded project), and our aggressive treatment of invasive plants and algae. The clarity of our lake has been improving, fish are increasing, and native plants are starting to flourish.

While the increase in native plants is extremely healthy, it can also become an issue for our recreational use of the lake. We have started to observe some shoreline and dock areas become so dense with native plant growth, there is no way to wade/swim and watercraft become clogged and shutdown.

As a result of this, the BLLB unanimously approved a motion at our last board meeting to treat a limited area of shoreline where our lake management company (PLM) identified the native plants to be an issue. This is identified by the red areas on the attached map. We also consulted with Dr. Al Steinman at the GVSU AWRI, who felt the treatment identified would not cause harm, as long as the treatment is very surgical and selective, which it will be.

PLM will tentatively be on our lake on Thursday, July 20 for this treatment. Treatment for native plants is much more restricted by the State and must be done much closer to the shoreline and dock areas than invasive treatments.

We realize not everyone wants to see the native plants go, so we are allowing residents to opt-out of this treatment on their shoreline if they want. If you would like treatment for your shoreline skipped, please email with your address no later than 6:00 PM on Tuesday, July 18. Your information will be relayed on to PLM, and you may be emailed signs to post at the beginning and end of your property.

Finally, a reminder that if you have any issues with your lakeshore, please email pictures of your concern to Paul Pek or Craig Howell. We can be sure your area gets on the next treatment if it’s an invasive species and if it’s native, can provide recommendations on steps you can take to clear out small areas. Please remember, it can be harmful to the lake (and illegal) for you to treat aquatic plants on your own with herbicides or other chemicals. Please consult with the BLLB and we will in turn consult with the experts.

Thank you,